How to make baby burp cloths

Materials for 3 Burp Cloths:

Cloth Diapers

1/2 yard of flannel fabric

Lace or other trim (rick rack or ribbon)

matching threadBaby Burp Cloths 1
Cut flannel to size of diaper. The diapers I had measured 14 inches by 17 inches.

Then cut trim the width of your fabric. If you are using lace add an extra 1 ½ inches for turning under.

Next baste the lace along the top and bottom with right sides together. If you are using rick rack or ribbon, sew it in place in the location you desire.

Baby Burp Cloths

After your trim is basted, fold the ends of the trim under and sew the seam.

Pin the edge of the trim down so it doesn’t get caught in your side seam.

With right sides together, pin the flannel to the diaper.

Sew around the edge using ¼ inch seam. I used a zigzag stitch to prevent the flannel from fraying. Leave an opening for turning.

Turn right side out through the opening. Then iron edges down, turning the open seam inward.

Finally, use an edge stitching all the way around, closing the open seam as you sew.

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